Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2nd First Day of School

So, today was supposed to be our first day of school, well, actually it was supposed to be Monday, but with low energy, unbearable heat, 2 sick kids, doctor visits, and a few unplanned wrenches, I moved it to Tuesday, but here we are, with another incomplete day. It actually started off great, I had their "back to school" bags with their new school supplies put together, all the way down to the 2 year old. I got the littles fed and entertained and I started our day with just one older one still in bed. We started off with Bible lessons, character building using Galatians 5:22, Fruit of the Spirit. I tied it into serving others, putting others first, and finished with prayer. They picked Math first, so I let them do their math separately and waited for the last one to join us so we could get on to Geography using our new curriculum, My Father's World Exploring countries. My kinder was almost done with her lessons for the day and my son finished up his math and headed outside to do morning chores with the animals. Sounds good so far right? Well that's about it folks, it went downhill from there. My mom ended up coming over late so it got pretty loud with all the littles getting restless. Grandma usually takes the littles upstairs so the big guys can concentrate without interruptions, but my husband was very sick, resting upstairs so we all had to share the living room. This is the reason I overplan our day. With all the interruptions we get around here, if I don't shoot for completing 2 days worth of schooling per day, we would end up very far behind. So 4 hours after we started, our day was completely broken up. The older ones went to the farm, the middle 2 went with grandma, but they took their homework with them by choice, and I was left with the littles, ages 14 months, 2 & 3 years old. Defeated and tired I retreated to my comfort place and began cleaning my kitchen - yes, I feel better after I've cleaned up a big mess of something, weird I know. Better luck tomorrow.

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