Tuesday, September 15, 2015

MFW Geography

This year for Geography, we are using My Father's World. I purchased a student set for the 3 older learners, grades 2, 4, & 5. Our home is very small so I couldn't put the large map that comes with the curriculum up on the wall. My husband suggested to put it on the dining table under the glass, so here it is
I love it there because whenever they sit at the table, they are always finding a new country.
I was a little worried the kids were not going to like this subject, but after our first day, it is probably their favorite, net to science. I love that MFW haseverything planned out for you. We just insert our own math and science curriculum since we don't follow theirs. We use Teaching Textbooks for math and Apologia for science. I've finally learned, after homeschooling for 5 years, I need to make sure the curriculum I choose for each child will captivate them and encourage learning. If I can't even bare going through the book, how can I expect them to do it?
We are now starting to have fun with our homeschooling and I think thay's largely due to MFW. I don't need to spend hours planning lessons (i just need to read ahead) I can teach the day knowing that by the end of the year, we will cover almost everything we need to learn. And yes,I say WE because we are all learning things together. I might have my Bachelors in science, but there is still a lot I'm learning along with my kids.

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