Wednesday, September 9, 2015

CPR for our homeschool day

I don't know what it is lately, but our homeschool days have really been chaotic. I find myself questioning, "Why am I doing this?" From needy toddlers, sick kids, sleepless nights, and other curve balls that are coming at me from all directions at the same time, I have not been able to stabilize our day, our homeschool. After a good cry and a good laugh, I thought about how we began this journey, what motivated us to do this. My dearest husband took my whole mess, compressed it down to a simple problem that was fixed by reminding me of what really matters. Do our children know and love the Lord? Of course they do, well, then that's all that matters. Everything else will work itself out. At the moment of chaos, the only thing I needed to do was comfort the 3 yr old who just wanted to hold me, give a bottle to the baby, and sing to the 2 yr old that feels lost in all the craziness. The older ones witnessed mommy become frustrated, fall on her knees to the Lord, and receive the answer to fix our problem. The best thing about it was the joy that followed immediately after praying. God is good.

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