Saturday, August 29, 2015

Discovering Periscope

So I discovered Periscope the other day! Yes, i'm a little behind, i don't even have. Twitter account. I just think all these social media websites take up too much of my precious time, hats off to you homeschool moms that have time for it. Another reason is that my husband doesn't necessarily agree with the need for any of these sites. Anyway, i stumbled upon Periscope while visiting a blog i just found: Raising Clovers. I really enjoyed the few videos i viewed both on her Youtube and on Periscope. I encourage you to checkout her site for a lot of encouragement in both homeschoo and Christian living. I don't think i'm quite ready gor any in-front-of-a-camera action just yet so i'll stick to perusing through other people's videos for now. See ya later.

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